Advancing Integration supports the systematic consideration of disaster risk reduction, environment and climate change adaptation and mitigation into humanitarian and development practice. It’s what we like to call ‘DEC’ integration!

Investigate and learn from past experience to make the most of existing knowledge and define how to measure integration

Challenge existing knowledge through grounded research and common vision for DEC integration

Advance integration through supportive guidance and creative communications

External reports

Internal reports

To define the goals, parameters and

objectives of the partnership

How Australian aid successfully integrated DEC into projects, programmes and investments

Measuring progress of integration into development projects, programmes and investments

To articulate what we are going to do, when and how

Technical presentations on DEC; communications workshops on creating elevator pitches and presentations on latest thinking on integration

Applied in the case study research

DEC Focal Point training workshops in Canberra and across Asia-Pacific

Canberra workshop supporting staff to ​understand DEC​ integration

To make sure we are on the right track

Lessons learnt and next steps